What Homeowners Are Saying!

"It is a genuine pleasure for me to comment on the work of Enterprise Contracting Services (ECS) in adding a master bathroom to our home; and I especially want to acknowledge the excellent work of Brian Loch, who was the ECS on-site project coordinator.

Adding a new bathroom in any house takes a tremendous amount of work; but building a bathroom in our home, was a superb and amazing undertaking! Our home is about 60 years old, and there was no space to add a second floor bathroom within the current structure of our house. We explained to the ECS staff that we wanted to add a bathroom connected to our bedroom that would be over the sunroom (originally a sun porch attached to the outside of the house, and with a shed roof). The ECS architect developed a three-D rendering of what we described; and the staff provided pictures of developed bathrooms that helped guide us.

There was a tremendous amount of construction to be done; and items such as the toilet outlet and AC-heating unit, etc., had to be modified in order for them to function properly. These items had to be modified to be outside the basic perimeter of our existing house. The modifications were quite unique and creative!

Please know that everything in working with ECS was by no means completely smooth and perfect. For example, we became extremely frustrated with the protracted length of time the project took – well beyond what we anticipated. AND there were several unnecessary inconveniences and certain other problems, as well as unanticipated costs. But as the saying goes, “Don’t tell me about the labor pains, show me the baby!” And, indeed, in this case, the baby (i.e., the completed bathroom) is really something wonderful to behold!

Brian Loch, as onsite project coordinator, was super throughout the entire process. In spite of our sometimes strongly-stated frustrations, Brian was a salvation! He was always very professional, and even-tempered and low key; and he was able to effectively handle our anger and frustration expressed from time to time! What’s more important, Brian was the “Go To” man on our project, and he was consistently able to coordinate the work of every one of the many different sub-contractors in carrying out their given responsibilities. Moreover, as necessary, Brian also had the skill and competence to do some of the direct hands-on work on the project (e.g., he facilitated development and installation of the new bathroom window, and added wooden thresholds between the bedroom and bath and the closet door, etc. He also single-handedly worked with the Alexandria Office of Building and Code Administration to ensure that all phases of our project met City standards. Clearly, this project could not have been completed in such a positive manner without Brian’s help. In my view, ECS is very fortunate to have Brian on its staff."
--Tomas I.

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