What Homeowners Are Saying!

"We wanted to take the time to compliment you and your entire staff on the job Enterprise Contracting did designing and completing the changes we had done on the house. After adding two new rooms and expanding our master bath and closet, we feel like we have a whole new house! At the time that we received your brochure in the mail, we were toying with the idea of either expanding our current home or trying to find another home that suited our needs. At our first meeting, we were impressed with Enterprise’s portfolio and your plan to design and build our addition. You listened to what we had to say, but also what we didn’t say. It gave me confidence that you had solid answers for our concerns and presented multiple courses of action that allowed us the flexibility to determine how we wanted to proceed. Things progressed very quickly; we had an estimate that worked with our budget in just a few days. After receiving excellent reviews from a couple of references we then had the tough decision of determining if we were ready for the commitment of undertaking a project of this magnitude. Even though we were pleased with the process to that point in time, we were very nervous. It’s very difficult to actually find a contractor that lives up to the promises that they make. In the end, your professional, “one stop” approach to our project was the deciding factor.

Once the contract was signed, and the plans finalized, Enterprise Contracting started work in early June. The work included digging out for the addition to our basement, adding the room above to the main level, expanding our laundry room and completely stripping out and redesigning our master bath and closet. In the first few days, I met with Rex Foster, our site manager. Rex is a great guy and a professional. The first thing he did was give me his personal cell and inform me that I was at his disposal 24 hrs a day. (Rex may have regretted that promise down the road, but he was always there when I needed to discuss something.) We then discussed the entire project, and I can’t imagine having anyone that could have cared more. I could probably say that about the majority of the people I encountered with Enterprise.

With many contractors, once the contract is signed, their focus seems to move on to the next potential customer. This was not the case with Enterprise. I was amazed at the pace that the project took on. In just a few days, there was a big hole in the back yard, and we were off to the races. Every day I would come and there was visible progress. Many days the progress was much more than I thought possible!

The icing on the cake was the manner in which the work was performed. My wife suffers from asthma, and although you can never expect a dust free environment when renovating, I felt that your people went to extraordinary efforts to minimize their impact on the rest of the house. Double dust barriers combined with one of the cleanest work sites I have ever seen truly made the renovations as easy on her asthma as possible.

Finally, I want to mention something that doesn’t usually get addressed, although I think it is one of the most important when dealing with a contractor. In any project of this magnitude, issues always arise. No matter how hard a team works there are always a few things that don’t go perfectly. To be clear, I am talking about minor issues that ranged from not liking the paint to the placement of a closet door. Most contractors just don’t want to hear about it. You have to beg or threaten to get them to make it right. My experience with Enterprise was quite the opposite. Every issue was met with professional enthusiasm, most remedied the next day. That in my book is the mark of a true professional.

Looking back, our overall experience from beginning to end was a positive one. I cannot count the number of times I have walked into my new rooms and thought about how happy I was with the results. Every detail has come together to produce rooms that we love to spend time in. We highly recommend Enterprise Contracting to everyone we know. Your overall process, professionalism, and commitment to quality are a step above, and it shows."
--Brian and Monica W.

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