Bathroom Remodeling Process

bathroom remodeling processAs Northern Virginia’s premier bathroom contractor we have the skills necessary to help you articulate a vision for your new bathroom. As a homeowner, your needs and goals will be matched with a targeted budget right from the beginning. Being able to complete your project in budget is a key step in choosing a contractor, however it’s not the only one.

First class design and aesthetics are a huge part of what we do also. At Enterprise we will also help you to square our best design ideas for your bathroom with your budget requirements. To that end we have established an award winning process that our clients simply love. It all starts with that first phone call.

Initial Meeting

Our office manager, Stephanie, will set up a time for us to come out and meet you at your home. Our first meeting typically requires an investment of one to two hours on your part. During this meeting our team will thoroughly evaluate your current bathroom needs. Initially we will be doing a great deal of listening as we explore your needs and project objectives. Frequently, we can feed back to you some ideas and solutions that we think will meet those needs. As part of that feedback we often will include a bracketed conceptual cost estimate of the project you are considering. Should the conceptual cost estimate fit within your budgetary needs, the choice can be made to proceed to the next step.

During this step of the process, we will continue to interview you in even greater detail, to further understand the requirements of your project. We will measure and photograph your current bathroom and any other relevant areas of your home. This will enable us to adjourn to our design studio and begin the process of designing your new bathroom. The timeline to complete the preliminary design work varies with the season and our backlog, but typically we will be ready to present our ideas in approximately two weeks time.


Typically this meeting will require an investment of an hour or two as well. It is best if this meeting takes place at our showroom. Our architectural designer will share our design concepts with you by using a our Chief Architect 3D drafting software system with images project onto our wide screen TV . Chief Architect is a computer aided design software that has been developed for use in the residential remodeling industry. You will be amazed at what we can do with this program!

You will be able to see how your bathroom will look from every angle as if you are walking through it. But it actually gets better. Our process has been established so that together with your designer we will dynamically complete the design to your complete satisfaction. Go ahead and make the room a little larger, the ceiling a little higher, change the window sizes, add cabinets or make any changes you wish and see what they look like in real time!

Proposal Review

Once those changes are completed and all the elements of your new bathroom meets with your approval we will send the renderings to our estimating department. Using our proprietary cost database we will assemble a detailed scope of work with a fixed price subject to allowances (estimated amounts for items that you haven’t selected yet). We will present the proposal to you and review the scope of work with you line by line to make certain that you understand every detail of your project. At this time should you be prepared to move forward and sign the agreement we will order materials and schedule a time to get your kitchen underway .


Many customers tell us how overwhelmed they feel when they are confronted with all the choices they must make when getting their bathroom remodeled. Don’t worry we get it! When you sign on with the folks at Enterprise you are not left alone to make those decisions. Once you are on board, you will be paired up with one of our skilled designers to assist you with all of your choices. Your designer will set a convenient time with you to conduct a design/selection tour. Starting here, at our showroom in Chantilly, we will help you pick the best combination of vanity door styles and color to match all the other textures and materials in your new bathroom. It can’t be overstated how helpful this professional design assistance will be in making your bathroom turn out even better than you may have imagined.

Project Management

Once permits are approved we can begin work. At this point a project manager will be assigned to the project. The project manager will go over everything with you and be available to answer any questions you have for the duration of the project. There will be some dirt and dust along the way but our employees are considerate of your home and clean up the site daily.

Finishing Up

As construction nears completion, your project manager will take you on a walk through. Together you will make a punch list of items that need attention. Once this list is completed to your satisfaction, the project will be completed. At this point all future work on the project will come under our warranty program.

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