Virgina Bathrooom sinks

Enterprise Bath & Tile, can help you select the right sink for your bathroom remodeling project. Our professional bathroom designers and contractors can design and install any type of bathroom sink that you can think of.

When selecting for a bathroom sink, let both function and style be your guide. Bathroom sinks must exist in unity with the cabinet and mirror. Ask yourself what this sink will have to endure and does it belong with in my bathroom design? Is it located in a place where there will there be lots of use, will there be a danger of scratching and chipping or is it located in a guest bathroom that rarely feels a splash of water? Listed below are some types of sinks that are available.

Pedestal Sinks
These are ideal options for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium and every inch counts. These sinks are available in many different styles with lots of options for the actual pedestal itself and of course the sink that fits on top of each one. They can be classic in design or have a more streamlined and modern look. No matter which style you choose, a pedestal sink will add charm to any bathroom.

Vessel Sinks
vessel sinksThis type of sink is bowel shaped and sits on top of a vanity instead of the sink being sunk into the vanity itself. There are tons of styles to choose from with a vessel sink and in almost any material imaginable - everything from stainless steel and stone to porcelain. They're really stunning and even though they can tend to be quite pricey if you shop online you can find yourself some great bargains. 

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