Bathroom Design Tips For Remodeling Your Virginia Home

Planning a bathroom remodeling project for your Virginia home isn't as easy as it seems. After all, there are a thousand choices to make and they all need to work together right. From the floors to the ceiling, the space needs to look amazing and function well. Take a look at the following basic tips about bathroom remodeling that can help you get started on the right path.

Tile Flooring, Perfect For The Bathroom

Have you ever thought about new flooring for your bathroom? This is a great way to increase the beauty of this room while keeping the look up-to-date. If you feel that your bathroom could use some style, then think of tile flooring options.

Tile is a wonderful choice for a bathroom. Modern styles in bathroom tile have come a long way so you are not stuck with the same old ceramic options. Tile flooring has always been a practical choice for bathrooms because it stands up well to moisture. Vinyl tiles are one of the more popular choices today because they are durable and attractive.

Bathroom Vanities & Shower Tiles

Other things to consider when planning the bathroom design are the vanities and shower. Vanities come in all sorts of styles. You can have your choice of modern, contemporary or traditional. In order to pick which vanity top is going to best meet your needs, then you may want the help of a remodeling expert. An expert will help you achieve the design style you want for your bathroom remodeling project.

Types Of Tile For Vanity Tops & Flooring

  • Granite & Marble - Granite & marble are the more popular types of stone. Be sure they are kept well sealed because they can scratch or get water stained.
  • Laminate - One of the most commonly used materials in bathrooms. Laminate is very affordable. Laminate tops come in a variety of patterns and colors.
  • Tile - This is a really attractive countertop for vanities. Natural stone tiles are less expensive than solid slabs. And glass tiles for the shower, vanity top, or flooring look absolutely amazing.

Help From A Bathroom Remodeling Design Pro

If you plan to use a remodeling contractor for your bathroom makeover, choose one who can help you with the design. At Enterprise Bath & Tile, we have the experience to create something amazing for you that perfectly suits your tastes. We use a software program the allows you to see what the design choices look like as you go through the options. We would be happy to help you with your remodeling project today.

For more information about Bathroom Remodeling Designs in Virginia, please call Enterprise Bath & Tile at 703-956-6947 or complete our online service request form.